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North Miami Auto Specialist is a top North Miami auto repair service that is committed to ensuring that all your auto problems are fixed the first time. Please give us a call today.

Here at North Miami Auto Specialist we take pride in the work we do. All repair is 100% guaranteed.

Licenses / Credentials :

• ASE Certified on all fields of Automotive Repair

Proudly Serving: North Miami, FL and surrounding areas.

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Services Offered:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Performance
  • Diagnosis
  • Towing
Save Money With A Healthy, Happy Vehicle

Some vehicle owners find the costs associated with driving prohibitive. Gas is expensive. Tires and brakes can prove costly to replace. Damage caused by wear and tear can lead to expensive bills and time consuming repairs. Smart vehicle owners in the greater North Miami, FL area know that taking their vehicle to North Miami Auto Specialist for regular maintenance and repairs saves them time, money, and worry.

Every vehicle has different maintenance requirements. Keeping up on a maintenance schedule can be difficult for even the most diligent vehicle owner. A professional auto repair service can help you keep track of essential maintenance. They can complete maintenance tasks for you quickly and easily.

Completing oil changes and other routine maintenance at home is time consuming and difficult. You may not have the tools necessary to work on your vehicle. You may not know what type of oil or power steering fluid best fits your needs. North Miami Auto Specialist has saved many vehicle owners the hassle of trying to do vehicle maintenance at home. These auto repair professionals provide sound, trustworthy advice and prompt, friendly service.

Even the most diligent vehicle owners sometimes experience breakdowns. Troubleshooting and fixing complex mechanical problems can be difficult. It requires sophisticated machinery and a wealth of vehicular knowledge. Most vehicle owners lack the necessary skills to complete complicated repairs. The tools necessary for fixing modern vehicles are complex and expensive. If your vehicle is suffering from mechanical problems, it is best to make an appointment with a qualified auto repair service as soon as possible.

Vehicle owners who prize their own safety know that it is important to keep up on routine maintenance. They also save time and money by nipping potential mechanical problems in the bud. Vehicle owners all over North Miami trust the professionals at North Miami Auto Specialist with all their vehicle maintenance and repair needs, and so can you.


Local: 786-472-2866

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"They did a very good job on my old Dodge grand caravan. the engine kept heating and was smoking, i took it here and the guy who worked on my car did a great job fixing it, the price was more then fair and great service."


"Went here first with a problem in my radiator and timing belt was noisy and almost about to break. They changed the radiator and did a belts job...good price and package deal. After 6 months of the job radiator broke again, call them and took car back, they explained me radiator was defective and change it without fuss with receipt!! They didn't charge me a dime and put a new one. I use them since then, honest, decent affordable prices (not dirt cheap but good)."

Lucia S.

"My son is in college in North Miami and his car broke down. They went beyond expectation. They towed his car and worked on the car right away. They were reasonable and explained thoroughly about what the problems with the car were. I would recommend them 100%."

Sherry C.